Humble beginnings

I created this blog last summer. Before I started my first full-time big kid job, before I moved away from my parents’ home for the final (hopefully!) time, before I was so incredibly busy with work and commuting and working out and studying for my CPA exams and recovering from the aforementioned activities that I had hardly the time or resources to bake.

Mostly resources to be honest.

You see, I moved in with three strangers. They’re nice enough – two of them are either constantly out of town or never eat because I’ve seen them about a half dozen times in the last three months – and they’re generally respectful individuals. But one of them is a bit of a kitchen hog, and a filthy one at that. In addition to that thing where “I moved out of my parents’ house and no longer have access to 25+ years of accumulated kitchen supplies,” I’m honestly a bit terrified to use the oven in my new place. I’ve sterilized the countertops to my liking and the inside of the microwave is white for probably the first time since it was purchased, but the oven is uncharted territory. Can ovens be dangerously dirty? Is that a thing that can happen? I don’t know, but I’m not taking my chances quite yet.

Anyway, in spite of these unfortunate hurdles, I still want to bake. Still NEED to bake. It’s kind of my only easily definable hobby – “I watch a lot of YouTube” isn’t exactly something that non-internet nerds can understand. Baking is. Fortunately, I live near enough to not one, but two whole houses that have functional ovens and a respectable variety of baking supplies, so I get to bake for/with them as often as possible.

So… I’m finally going to start updating this. I promise. No glamour, no wonderfully staged photos (that full time big kid job kind of gets in the way of cooking during daylight hours), but I’m going to do my best and it’s going to be, well, useful. If nothing else.

Here goes nothing.

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